LIGO Livingston Public Tour
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What day and
time is the tour?
Science Saturdays / public tour dates are scheduled once a month and are announced on the Science Education Center front page. Other dates may be requested; however, there is no guarantee that a request can be met. Request are made via the registration page.
What will I do on the tour?
The tour consists of a 20 minute video called Einstein's Messengers, a tour of the control room where the operating and monitoring of the interferometer takes place. You can interact with one of our scientists on duty and can ask questions about the research then exploration and discovery time with over 50 professionally developed, hands-on exhibits that will fascinate and challenge you.
Is there a cost?
No. Your tax dollars through the National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded this program.
How many visitors can come on the tour?
A tour can be from one (1) to seventy-five (75) people.
Can my children
visit with me?
Yes. We invite all ages to come on our public tours.